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Does MisterLocation charge any fees?

You want to book a photo studio or location

We don’t charge any service fees to location users. Creating a MisterLocation account and booking locations on our website is completely free of charge.


You own a photo studio or location and you want to rent it out

Fees to list your location(s)

With our free plan, you can list 1 location and have limited access to MisterLocation’s features. Upgrade to a paid plan to create more listings, mention your brand name, exchange contact details with (potential) clients, use the upfront deposit tool and more.

Fees in case of a successful booking (and how to avoid them)

MisterLocation uses Stripe to process booking payments. Stripe charges a fee each time you accept a credit or debit card payment for bookings completed with a payment through Stripe using the booking system of MisterLocation. This fee entails a fixed fee of € 0.25, plus a percentage of the transaction (1.4% for European cards, 2.9% for non-European cards). You don’t pay anything for failed charges. For up-to-date info on Stripe’s fees please see the Stripe website. In this article you can read how to enable a Stripe account for your listing(s).

Potential location users can contact location owners throughout the whole booking process by using our messaging system. So instead of completing a booking by paying through our platform with Stripe, both parties can discuss the details of the booking at any stage of the process and make other payment agreements if they wish to do so.

Updated on August 13, 2018

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